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What is Pakistani Dress or Pakistani Clothing for women?

Pakistani Dress or Pakistani clothing means an ethnic outfit, mainly shalwar kameez, typically worn by people living in Pakistan. It can also be worn by people of Pakistani origin living anywhere in the world. In this article we will have a look at Pakistani women clothing ideas and types.

Pakistani Dresses

Based upon the province, Pakistani dress designs can differ. For example Sindhi dress for women are different than that of Punjabi dress for ladies. Pashtun women usually wear afghan inspired clothing which is different from Balochi dress for women. Despite the region each outfit depicts flavor of Pakistani Culture.

Recently a rise in fame of Pakistani designer wear has been seen. With amazing colors and modern touch in design, Pakistani outfits and Designer Brands have received great response all over the world.

Pakistani Fashion Designer Brands:

Some of the popular Women fashion designer brands in Pakistan are:

Maria B
Asim Jofa
Zainab Chottani
Agha Noor
Sana Safinaz (Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Munir)
Nomi Ansari
Aayra (by Maria.B)
Sobia Nazir
Kashees Designer wear
Deepak Perwani
Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)
Zara Shahjahan
Gul Ahmed
Al Karam
Junaid Jamshed
Firdous Cloth
Ayesha Ibrahim
Sana Akhtar
Phatyma Khan
Beech Tree
Maryum N Maria
Mina Hassan
Sadia Asad (Noor by Sadia)
Ayesha Ahmed
Annus Abrar
Rang Rasiya
Sana Abbas
Erum Khan
Honey Waqar
Mohsin Khawar
Rozina Munib
Sania Maskatiya
Layla Chatoor

Effects of Rise in fame of Pakistani Fashion Designers:


Due to emerging Trend in Women Fashion latest Pakistani dresses are not limited to Salwar Kameez only. But they now come with specialized accessories and addons. For instance, “Dupatta” today is not that simple, it has various types based upon fabric and design. Some of the latest popular dupatta trends include Phulkari dupatta , heavy embroidered dupattas are liked in different regions.

Moreover, fancy dupatta for party or dupattas to complement with bridal dresses have emerged really fast. That is why, certain Pakistani dresses designers launch a separate designer dupatta collection ranges that one can easily find online.

Pakistani Velvet Shawls

Another recent fashion trend this winter is Velvet Shawls. Not only common velvet dresses vendors but Designers like Maria B also launched their velvet shawl collection. With excellent tilla and gotta work these shawls are becoming famous in desi community all over the world.

Pakistani Velvet shawls in UK, are selling like hot cakes. This fashion trend replaced the previous which was Khaddar and woolen Pakistani shawls.

Pakistani celebrities were seen the beautiful velvet shawls in the season. You will definitely find picture of Maya Ali wearing Maria B velvet shawl on the internet. Moreover Sanam Jung endorsed Trend of Velvet Shawl in her clicks.

Not only Pakistani showbiz models and actors. But social media influencers like faryal makhdoom was also seen wearing Gul Ahmed Velvet Shawl Dress. However, our favorite is from Maria B Velvet shawl range and one from Sana Abbas Velvet shawl collection.


As we know, Bollywood dresses and those by Pakistani designers are not the same but have a lot in common. Especially in terms of style and color schemes. Indian and Pakistani Dresses have many common aspects including creative shalwar designs. Do you remember the time when everyone talked about Pakistani suits with cigarette pants on the internet?

Well, that is out of fashion now just like no one is talking about pakistani plazo suit design any more. Plazo trousers rocked the shelves for good amount of time but new designs in salwar and pants are here now.

Patiala Shalwar suits are never out of fashion due to unique design and great response from punjabi community. On party occasions girls are still found looking for patiala pants for dance on wedding events. In addition to Pakistan, overseas desi community just loves patiala suit for wedding and other festive occasions.

Finally, we’ll discuss about recent and very popular fashion trend in Pakistani clothing i.e Tulip pants. Tulip salwars with suits are still a trending fashion in Pakistan and overseas community.


Kurti is a casual top that is worn by women in subcontinent. It is simple collarless shirt or top wear that can be accompanied with any casual pants or trousers. Previously it was this simple, but Today Designer brands have special ranges of kurti.

If you are a Pakistani fashion lover you must come across the famous Agha noor kurtis with fine embroidery and embellishment. In addition to Agha noor, Khaadi kurti is very famous for casual wear. Moreover Limelight, Generations, Ideas, and Alkaram are some of the brands that have really nice fancy and casual kurti collection.

Oh! and not to forget the renowned Sana Safinaz silk kurta designs. You can easily find Ready to wear Kurti online or on local designer brands in reasonable prices.

Types of Popular Pakistani Dresses with Season:

Summer Pakistani Dresses

Every summer season all of the popular Women fashion brands launch their Summer Collection Designs. In Pakistan best suited fabric for summer outfits is Lawn. These designs are either printed or embroidered. Most popular designer lawns in Pakistan are by

  • Khaadi
  • Sobia Nazir
  • Warda
  • Elan
  • Shehla Chatoor Lawn
  • Sitara Textile
  • Maria B.
  • Nadia Hussain Lawn
  • Tabassum Mughal Lawn

Pakistani lawn dresses are manufactured mainly in Faisalabad. This city is the hub of Pakistani Textile suppliers and manufacturers. Most of Top Designers outsource their production to factories here.

Lawn suits are simple and everyday Pakistani wear for women. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear that is why suitable clothing for summer here.

Winter Pakistani Suits

In Winter Pakistani dresses we get to see some nice warm khadder and linen suits with woolen shawls. Although we dont have severe winter here yet some of the coziest winter outfits are exported from Pakistan. Winter collection for women this year was just average in terms of design and style.

However when it comes to chiffon dresses, Pakistani brands simply rock it. Most of the festive occasions like wedding are happening in winter here. Therefore, many fashion brands launch their fancy outfits in this part of the year.

Types Of Women Dresses in Pakistan based on Fabric:

Chiffon Pakistani Suits

Pakistani and Indian community is fond of chiffon dresses all over the world. Formal and wedding events are incomplete without fancy chiffon suits. Depending upon embroidery type and embellishment chiffon dresses vary in price.

Recently an increase in popularity of Designer chiffon dresses is seen. Hence many Designer Brands are launching new chiffon Collections with fancy embroidery and handwork. Some of the top mentions are

  • Serene Premium Luxury Chiffon Collection
  • Iznik Formal Chiffon Collection
  • Maria B Mbroidered
  • Charizma Wedding Bells
  • Baroque Chiffon dresses
  • Crimson chiffon Collection
  • Rang Rasiya chiffon Wedding Collection

Khaddar suits collection:

Khaddar suits with woolen shawl are most popular in winter. Recently new Khaddar suits Designs arrived this winter and Pakistani fashion lovers rushed to grab them from the Designer’s shelves. Not only in stores but record sale in online shopping of Khaddar suits has been witnessed this year. Khaadi is undoubtedly still the top Designer in Khaddar prints.

Types of Pakistani Dresses in Style

Simple Pakistani outfits:

Before diving into the amazing fancy clothing for women. Let us look at Simple Pakistani dresses styles and fashion trends. Normally these simple clothes are worn as casual women wear.

Simple shirt design with subtle embroidery or some nice print is really common. On a casual summer day you can wear a nice embroidered Lawn kurti with printed sleeves and a plain trousers.

Recently digital printed tops from Sana Safinaz Muzlin collection have been very popular. Back in 2018 simple dresses in Pakistani Clothing meant a long casual shirt complemented with a plain trousers. But this year, even the simple Lawn collection comes with artistic cutwork and embroidery.

Notable mentions for simple dresses for women in designer lawn:

  • Maria B 2019 Lawn Collection
  • Rangrasiya Rouge lawn
  • Baroque Lawn (from Eid)
  • Asim Jofa’s 2018 Lawn collection
  • Sana Safinaz 2017 Lawn Collection
  • Maria B 2016 Lawn Collection

Fancy Pakistani Dresses:

Pakistani Dresses Design has changed in recent times. We wear fancy Pakistani dresses for special occasions like wedding, mehendi, walima and other festive occasions like Eid. This evolution is Pakistani fashion has changed our lifestyle completely.

Designer Brands launch a nice range every Eid known as Eid Collection. We have seen a nice Eid Collection in 2019 and 2020 as well. Although, Fancy Pakistani party dresses come with high price tags but its worth it.

If you go back in time Designer Eid Collection used to be a limited one. But now a days we have a decent number of designers with huge collection of party wear dresses depicting Pakistani culture. Heavy embroidered and with all the pearls and beads, Pakistani formal wear ethnic outfits are popular all over the world. Overseas Pakistani ladies order these nice suits with the help of Online shopping stores in Pakistan.

Also, you can search on Facebook or Instagram or any online boutiques for Pakistani fancy dresses with prices.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses:

In addition to above mentioned trend of fancy dresses. Let us have a glimpse of fashionable Pakistani Wedding dresses and their prices. These are some of the most expensive and most liked outfits worn by brides of Pakistani origin.

Most liked color of Pakistani Shadi dresses is Red and beige or combination of both. However trends are always changing and it is always good to check for latest bridal dresses colour combination on the internet.

You can either buy branded or get custom made Bridal dresses manufactured right here in Lahore and Karachi. Biggest market with respect to demand of Pakistani Wedding clothes is UK right now. Also popular in USA and Canada these master pieces called Bridal outfits have artistic hand work. Along with zari work, stone work , and embellishment they are simply amazing outfits.

Where to Buy?

Many people living overseas are re-selling Pakistani Clothing Online. USA, Canada, and the UK have a much higher demand. However in UK people are mostly looking for cheap wholesale designer Clothing because of higher competition.

There are many legitimate Pakistani dresses supplier in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. But, there are many who will rip you off in the very first transaction. Care should be taken while choosing your Pakistani suits supplier.

If you are buying for yourself then You can check any of the Online clothing store with good social proof i.e. Facebook reviews or Customer feedback. However if you are buying wholesale then you must make sure that you choose an authentic Textile sourcing agent in Pakistan.

Replica Pakistani Dresses:

Recently due to elevated prices in Pakistan for almost every consumer good, clothing, household and grocery items Buying power is reduced. As a People are also unable to Buy Original Designer Clothing and they are looking for Replica suits in affordable price.

Also check, How to Buy Pakistani Replica Dresses Online?

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